Animal Planet

Gentlemen, what we witness here is primal domination.  Who can help but sympathize with the hapless jobber as he writhes panicked between the strong thighs of the man who took him down?  But who would dare condemn the law of nature that makes the flaccid and inattentive the abject prey of the virile and alert?  Sure, the big lug plays with him like a cat on a mouse, the skinny kid gets his pipes cleaned, and the toying cruelty fills us with a certain horror, but it's a horror that settles down to our groin and stiffens our cocks.  It hardens us because the law of male-on-male dominance is also the law of life and ecstasy--it is the way nature ensures that excellence rises over mediocrity and drives the mediocre towards recovery, discipline, and progress.  This, I propose to you, my brothers, is how vigor and vitality triumph over enervation and extinction.  This is not social Darwinism or free-market predation or wolfish slaughter; this is the way men vie with each other to make themselves and each other strong ... and to feel more alive.


  1. Very hot! Where is it from?

  2. Agreed. I don't know the original source -- or the names of the two wrestlers. I'd like to, though. Anybody?


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