April's Burning Question

What's the most erotic fight scene in the movies?

Here are some contenders that spring to mind for me (off the cuff) ...

Sam Worthington(-ish) versus his chosen Mountain Banshee in AVATAR (2009)--this CGE battle was man versus beast, but the idea that they were "wrestling for top" is still kinda hot, especially when those prong-y things meld after Jake Sully sticks the banshee in a headlock.

Sean Faris versus Cam Gigandet in NEVER BACK DOWN (2008)--okay, maybe not so much of a movie, but Faris and Gigandet looked good without their shirts on, all sweated up, and Gigandet was an arrogant heel to die for.

King Kong versus the last Tyrannosaurus Rex standing in KING KONG (2005)--I got wood during this part of the movie ... just as, as a kid, I did watching the matching scene in the original 1933 movie on TV.

Brad Pitt versus Adam Fogerty in SNATCH (2000)--I think this is the scene I'm thinking of ... it's the first of Pitt's fights in the movie--the one in the barn--anyway it's that fight that I'm talking about ... yeah, it works for me ...

Brent Huff versus the Cheops women in GWENDOLINE (1984)--On the strength of this one movie ... just this one part of the movie ... Huff became a regular fixture in my fantasy wrestling scenarios in the 1980s.

Miles O'Keefe versus Steve Strong in slow motion in TARZAN THE APE MAN (1981)--Even in slow motion, this scene is too brief to pack much of a wallop, but it's fun trying to imagine an uncut version ... and, believe me, I've stretched it out to twice the length of the rest of the movie in my mind.

Ken Norton versus Duane Allen in MANDINGO (1975)--Watching this on a big screen in Atlanta at age 21 or 22, I could barely harness my erection, but watching it more recently on DVD had hardly any impact at all--the word is (I hear) that the DVD version was edited down.  Again, as with Snatch, I'm not positive I've identified the right two opponents, but the one I have in mind is outdoors (in a courtyard?) at night ... eye gouging ensues.

Hiram Keller versus Martin Potter in SATYRICON (1969)--This still works its magic on me.  The movie itself is colorfully bizarre.  Director Fellini's Catholic judgment on imperial Rome is both titillating and guilt inducing, but I like the early wrestling match between Keller and Potter (over a pretty slave boy) and, almost as much, a later wrestling match between Keller and a much older ship's captain.

James MacArthur versus Tommy Kirk in SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON (1960)--Two adolescent brothers wrestle ... wet in a river ... a bulging boa constrictor breaks them apart--typical Disney fare.

Ken Richmond versus Mike Mazurki in NIGHT AND THE CITY (1950)--Richmond is bland and unconvincing as a Greco-Roman wrestler, but at 6'5" with dark wavy hair, he looks fantastic--his only major film role apart from banging the gong at the start of so many Rank Film Studio productions.

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  1. Oliver Reed and Alan Bateman's nude wrestling match in Ken Russell's "Women In Love."

  2. Right, Bruno! Joe must not get out to the movies very much to have omitted the mother of all erotic wrestling scenes on film, and for that matter, in print: D.H. Lawrence's "Gladiator" chapter in WOMEN IN LOVE.

    He might also have included that one Hercules movie scene, in which film I forget, where the hero wrestles Antaeus, with classical myth correctness, which was a real turn on for me as a kid. The more edited versions of the scene are a disappointment.

    I wonder if Joe deliberately left out "Women in Love" to be a provacateur?



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