Cameron Thomas

Cameron Thomas, 21, 6'0", 185#, is an independent wrestler from Panama City, Florida.  He has wrestled solo and as one half of the tag team The First String (with AJ Strokes) for World Independent Wrestling, Culture Shock Wrestling, New Heights Wrestling, and Great American Wrestling Federation.


  1. Damn man; you have any more pics of him?

  2. If I find more good pics of Cameron, I will post them for you. You can find vids of some of his matches on YouTube--search "Cameron Thomas" or "First String Wrestling." Everything else I've got is too similar to these or else very poor quality (i.e. ring shots from 13 rows back). Please contact me if you find something I should be looking at.

  3. I wish he was my brother and would have schooled me in the backyard growing up.


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