Corey Mason

Chalk another one up for Canada.  Twenty-year-old 165-pounder Corey Mason wrestles as an independent in North America and Europe, that I know of.  Check my first posting on him here, and tell me whether you think he's improving with age.  I say he is.  His tough demeanor casts him as a heel, usually, but he is a sexy bad boy who doesn't flaunt his sex appeal quite as much as he probably could.   Best appreciated in tight briefs.  (Me, personally, I'd like to see Corey go head to head with Stoney some day soon.)


  1. Corey Mason is someone I have been following, so I am appreciative of your share. In my realm of someone with time on his hands and the bloodhound sense to connect an image, a name, a wrestling company’s penchant for casting young toughs in revealing outfits, I stumbled upon Corey sometime ago, aided by the postings of photographer Emanuel Melo, I was able to identify Corey and his sometime companion, Alex York, in all sorts of shirtless situations. I know somewhere on a computer in a house I seldom use are pics of Corey rookie year. Depending on my motivation, this may be the weekend I take the time to retrieve those images.


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