Ex Jobber

Handsome, blond, and reportedly as nice a guy as you could ever hope to meet, Matt Boyce has apparently chucked his L-for-Loser rep and is winding up on top more frequently these days.  Good news.  The 22-year-old six-footer from Little Rock wrestles in Tennessee.  Cherubically cute, not at all my "type" then, but the guy's just so beautiful that I want to touch him all over and give him a couple of bruises to remember me by.  But nowadays I guess that won't be so easy to do, as Boyce has copped some attitude and proven to have some real fight in him.  Anybody out there seen this guy live?  Please tell me he's as impressive in 3-D as he is in the wide array of fan snapshots and shaky vids that appear to be the only visual record that this Prince Charming really exists.


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