Here are sixteen caps of a May 23, 2009, fight, featuring two young wrestlers, Cameron Thomas and Chase Evans, with the Great American Wrestling Federation, Hosford, Florida.  Thomas is the crowd favorite.  Evans decides to mix it up with Thomas and play rough.  In the end, Thomas shows Evans who's boss, pinning his skinny heel ass to the mat.  I like the black and blur in these shots, which capture, probably better than the noise and motion of the video, the intensity, grit, and sensuality of struggle.  What you can't actually see, you can imagine ... and almost feel.

When I buy wrestling videos, I like the picture to be bright and clear enough for me to read every word on the wrestler's tattoo, see the beads of sweat gathering on his neck, trace the bulges in his spandex.  But when I recollect them in my fantasies, I remember them as dark, expressionistic, in high-contrast light and shadow, like a George Bellows painting.  The company that comes up with a way to shoot hot wrestlers fighting hard, so that every detail comes through, yet the mood is noirish, stark, fevered, savage, decadent ... that's the company that gets all my money.


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