It's About to Come!

From filmmaker Jaymes Thompson, who brought you 2007's The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror comes Premiere Gay Wrestling, a 100% gay pro wrestling fed, featuring cast members from GB&BoT.  Thompson's promising an upcoming weekly syndicated television series of all-gay pro-wrestling called The PGW Bitch-Slap.  Just where and when this proposed series will appear is anybody's guess ... I'm not holding my breath for Durham, North Carolina's local stations ... but it's got a web site, so it's gotta be legit.  The site boasts a campy roster of gay "types" ready to compete--the leatherman, the boy next door, the underwear model, the artiste, the fashionista, the twink, the Log Cabin Republican, and more, all presided over by a pseudo-hetero entrepreneurial couple (the Minks) who may or may not be modeled after Vince and Linda.


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