Kamikaze Kid

Somewhere between Lady Gaga and Johnny Knoxville, there's the Kamikaze Kid, 28, 5'8", 165#, wrestling for Ohio Valley Wrestling, an organization that knows its way around some male pulchritude.  Well, KK is the cock of the walk, with his peacock feathers and Seussian hairstyles.  He is something of a stud, too.  Frankly, I could do with a little less of the froufrou, but it looks like it's all in good fun, so long as it does frighten the horses.  The Kid represents all the decadence and degeneracy that Bible Belters have come to fear, which only makes him the more endearing to me.  He is also the OVW's television champion and one half (with Sucio) of Totally Awesome, the tag-team champs.  I think he's scheduled to fight Fang tomorrow night.  Should be an excellent match.  I'm rooting for the Kid and all the ostentatious forces of darkness.


  1. Um, ever heard of Adrian Street"

    Martha Stewart


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