Looking for Mr Arm Bar

You can imagine what Dr Freud would have to say.  The man's arm thrust straight up, straining, stiff, sore, going numb, braced against the groin of the man controlling him.  It looks like the man on top's got a 33-inch boner, even if only symbolically, even if only perceived unconsciously.

Sure it hurts the guy on the bottom.  Hurts like hell.  But then in wrestling you can usually spell "hurts like hell" in five letters, O-F-A-C-E.

The arm bar is one of my favorite holds.  It incapacitates the bottom, but it forces the top to maintain long, vigilant, possibly even grinding proximity to his opponent.  This is quality-time punishment--not some wham-bam-off-the-top-rope slam.

The arm bar is the equivalent of a long-term commitment in the world of grappling--it's not a knockout punch, it's not thumbtacks or fluorescent lightbulbs on the ring floor--not showy at all, but agonizingly intense--this is slow, methodical pain the man underneath you's gonna remember for a long, long time.  Somebody gets you in an armbar, and you're gonna KNOW you been owned.

Uh-hm.  That's what I was just saying.  Niiice.


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