One Knight in Paris

One Knight in Paris is the name of a Euro-trash tag team, comprised of tattooed German hunk Michael Knight and French sophistico Pierre Le Prestee, who just last month got their asses handed to them at Premier British Wrestling by the Scottish team of CJ Hunter and Johnny Star (High Energy).  Better stick to the Continent, fellas--those Brit wrestlers are no fans of the EU, apparently.

I think Knight is one of the hottest European wrestlers on the scene today, and his partner, Le Prestee, intrigues me mostly because he's been known to dress up as a Parisian Apache dancer* from time to time.

The team name puns, of course, on the German's last name and the hometown of Le Prestee, but I've got to wonder about the preposition "in."  How porn exactly is that supposed to be?  Because, I'm just saying, I'd pay good money to see tough studboy Michael "in" the flamboyant Pierre--just name the place and time.

I'd even pay to see the two of them in the danse Apache.  However, I'd rather see Michael in the pimp role, slapping and hurling Pierre to the ground--Mister Conductor, strains of "Jealousy," s'il vous plait!


* To borrow, just this once, Bard of Neverland's series title--"What Turned Me Gay (again, not really)"--what turned me gay (and masochistic) as a boy was watching versions of Apache dancing on TV--even the Bluto and Olive Oyl travesty of it was a turn on.  That and, of course, Tarzan movies.


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