Sabre vs Perkins

Two of my favorite young wrestlers--and the best haircuts in the business today--fought in Philadelphia on 13 March 2010.  I couldn't be there, so it's a good thing that photographer Scott Finkelstein was.

I don't know whether this is the first match Zack Sabre Jr, 22, 5'10", 180#, has fought in the USA, but he couldn't have had a more perfect opponent anywhere than TJ Perkins, 25, 5'10", 172#, who, besides matching him in build and body type, brings the same kickboxing-infused energy and emocore styling to the ring.  Both of these guys are drop-dead gorgeous and drop-kick lethal.

It looks like it was a close match, with Sabre eking out a victory at the very end.  I envy you guys who got to see this one live.


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