Stoney in Action

Blake Arledge made my week last night by sending me some shots from Friday night's Action-Packed Wrestling show in Chester, South Carolina.  "Included," he added, archly, "is one of your favorites."  Looks like "retirement" was too strong a word for Arledge.  These are some of his best shots yet.  Check them out here.

In these particular shots Stoney Hooker fights and handily defeats Alex Avgerinos.  Stoney is manning up quite nicely, I think.  He has cast off most of the boyishness, yet acquired a more settled self-confidence, even arrogance (beyond the mere flippancy of his teen years).   He's getting thicker, filling out, bulking up, but he's still (apparently) nimble and sturdy.  Glad to see he's holding on to his good looks as he becomes a more seasoned wrestler.  That belly still begs to be punched.


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