This ... Is ... Awesome

With the first ever ROH World Television Championship Belt on the line, the American Wolves turned on each other this Monday night.  Tag team partners Eddie Edwards, 6'0", 214#, and super-studly roughneck Davey Richards, 5'8", 207#, fought a hard match, which, as it wore on, exhausted both men, left huffing, heaving, sweating, and clinging together even as they tried to tear each other apart.  It was the sort of brawl, full of long tight wet clenches and sudden reversals, that I remember from the old days of television wrestling ... and perhaps I have no higher praise to give than that.

See the whole 24-minute match in motion here and here and here via ROHBrazil.  Not a wasted second in the whole damn thing!


  1. Two of my favorite wrestlers. Richards oozes bad boy sex appeal and Edwards looks like the boy-next-door. I was just about to post a couple of photos of them on my blog. What the heck...I'm going to do it now. :-)


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