Alex Plexis

Alex Plexis of Calgary, Canada, 19, 6'1", 166#, made his pro wrestling debut at age fifteen.  He has wrestled up and down the west side of Canada and in parts of the US Midwest with a number of promotions, including Prairie Wrestling Alliance, Stampede Wrestling, Power Zone Wrestling, and now Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling.

Over the years he's developed from the skinny rookie to a cocky scrapper, drifting towards full-blown heelhood.  He looks like he's beefed up a good bit, just in the past year.  Compare his March 2009 match against Andrew Hawks (here and here) with this match last October against Kevin Martel (Rick's nephew).  I look forward to seeing where this guy is three or four years from now.

(My thanks to Comptroller for the heads-up on this guy.)


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