Cameron Mathews Answers Five Important Questions

Joe:  Describe briefly your dream match, involving two or more wrestlers (including yourself, if you like).

Cameron:  My favorite match is when two guys are trying to outsell (not oversell) each other. A match that draws you into the emotion that they are trying to create.  I'd love to see "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig vs. Chris Candido.

Joe:  What living celebrity needs his (or her) ass kicked?  And who should kick it?

Cameron:  It depends on what you classify as a "celebrity."  I think most of the people who are on reality TV are annoying.  As for a real celebrity, I can't think of any off the top of my head.

Joe:  If you could fight any person from history or any fictional character, who would it be?  And (briefly) why?

Cameron:  Real fight? I'm not much of a fighter.  Spider-Man would be interesting.  I'm a fan of Spider-Man, and it'd be like facing a childhood hero.

Joe:  What, in your opinion, is the coolest wrestling move known to man?

Cameron:  Piledriver.  It has been the best finishing move since the 70's.  I also think the Spanish Fly (backflip rock bottom) is cool.  The Canadian Destroyer (flipping piledriver) is up there on the list, as well.

Joe:  What trait do you most admire in a wrestler?

Cameron:  Ability to make your opponent look good, in professional wrestlers. In an amateur wrestler, I think someone who can ride an opponent is great.


  1. I'm a total Cam fan; thanks for this interview Joe. Here's a great match between Cameron and The Stretcher, uploaded recently:

  2. And thank you for the link, David. Good match.

    (SPOILER) In the end the Stretcher got just what he had coming. Love seeing our boy on top.


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