Danny Blaze

Danny Blaze, 25, wrestles on the roster of Herts & Essex Wrestling (HEW).  He is a straight-identified jobber known for his flamboyance (code-word for something or other--I forget what) and his support for local children's charities.  He's a crowd favorite over at HEW.  Oh, and he does lap dances.


  1. Damn! Since LJ Cruz popped up Wed I've meant to say something here, but the blow-outs keep comin. Where to start except to say thanks Joe. Danny B, Rhett, Flash & co, Jason vs Greg/Brian, ZG... with your usual razor-sharp insights. Whyizzit after your postings i always think, yeah, that's spot-on and i never could've put it in words myself. Totally excellent blog, comrade.


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