Perhaps the two best reasons to follow the new Beyond Wrestling promotion are Chris Dickinson and Zack Novack, who both debuted on BW's inaugural release, Of Bosses and Busters, which went on sale last month.  But then it's hard to single out just two wrestlers on a roster that includes Dave Cole and Johnny Cockstrong.

In the upcoming Wrestletopia, Novack and Dickinson fight each other.  Both wear their tights well, and they both have noses that sing out, "Nice cock."  Chris brings a bit more beef to the mat.  They could be brothers*, big and little, though Zack (the smaller) is a bit older than Chris.

I have no idea (yet) who won this match, but I look forward to watching the action in motion soon and finding out.


* wrestling brothers (n, pl, res-lin bruh-thurz) classic American kinkotype in which Big Brother tans Little Brother's hide, teaching him a much needed life lesson, much favored as a fantasy scenario in Durham, NC [See also Swiss Family Robinson and deleted (well, actually, never filmed) scenes from Party of Five--important motifs in Joe's masturbatory epics for a time]


  1. I, for one, say there aren't enough "wrestling brother" videos on the market. Can-Am has a couple, I think (with All-American boys Skip and Andy Roberts) and I've also seen one where two dark-haired brothers with exotic names wrestle on a mat and in oil. But is that it? Maybe the Von Erichs have home movies somewhere. Those need to be released ASAP.

  2. Chris Dickinson is a most impressive wrestler, he is not afraid to give it his all. He is very quick and able to take punishment - always has a huge boner in his small briefs.


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