Young Flex

Thanks to a donor, who will remain nameless, here's a shot of the Can-Am muscle hunk Tom Flex as a young man. Can-Am lists his stats as 6'0" and 204#.  This is a photograph of him sometime before (I assume) his Can-Am days, which stretched from 1992 to 1997, approximately--roughly the period of my moderate-to-heavy addiction to Can-Am products (and to Flex, Perris, Stone, Dean, Conlin, etc.).  At Can-Am, Flex had a somewhat gaunter face, with cheekbones and a jawline that could cut through cardboard.  I liked and still do like his look back then, and yet here, with a fuller, fleshier face, he looks disarmingly fresh and innocent.  Recently Can-Am released DVD versions of many of Flex's early VHS releases.


  1. I always thought he was the hottest thing on earth. I still do!

  2. We love his wrestling matches !!! We miss him a lot !!!
    * r Nipps and BattleBoy-Brazil

  3. We love his wrestling matches !!!
    We miss him a lot !!!
    * Mr Nipps and BattleBoy-Brazil

  4. He looks good with the short hair. Wonder what he's up to now.


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