Zero G

Zero Gravity, the team of CJ Esparza and Brett Gakiya, are, as the name implies, high-flyers, small, compact, and ready to rocket.  These days you'll find them mainly over at AAW, a federation that can boast having Tyler Black, Ryan Cruz, Jimmy Jacobs, and Louis Lyndon on its roster.

Esparza particularly captures my imagination--regular guyish, clean cut, nicely built, pale, ready to brawl.  Whereas Brett looks like he'd be a ton of fun at an all-night party, CJ has the face (if not the temperament) of an introvert.

Sure, the earrings and sloped forehead suggest party monster, but the patrician nose and soulful eyes seem to point to altar boy.  That's the kind of ambiguity I like in a man--especially a ring man.

In that respect, he reminds me a bit of Jason Hades, another favorite.

My dream match right now involves a three-way dance with CJ, Brett, and BG East's Jonny Firestorm--all of them 5-6-ish, each with a slightly different combat style.  (I'd put my money on Jonny, but I'd keep my eyes on CJ too.)

I could be wrong but I say the collision would make a hell of a pop.


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