The Atom Smasher Wrestling Federation

The Atom Smasher Wrestling Federation (a name almost as irresistible as Spanky and Alfalfa's He-Man's Woman Haters Club) was a group of fetching roughnecks who cranked up in the late 1990s to take on the JPWA boys.  The Atom Smasher Wrestlers and the JPWA (whose roster included future pro wrestler Romeo Roselli) are now defunct.  The fed's acronym closely resembles ASFW (alt sex fetish wrestling), the designation of Usenet groups for folks with kinks like mine--coincidence, savvy marketing, or destiny?

Some circa-1999 vids of the guys have recently popped up on YouTube, via TVTraX.  The caps below are taken from a pretty thrilling match-up of handsome Dom Vermicelli, the hunk in black, the one with the impressive back and shoulders, and Crazy Eddie, the more modestly attired bad guy.  You can watch the whole thing in motion here and here.

The punches are obviously pulled and the moves are sloppy, so you have to enjoy a certain amount of rambunctious amateurism (as I often do) to really appreciate the vids these guys put together back in the late Clinton era.  But the guys really throw themselves into the drama, and the heavy gasping for air seems authentic enough--and they do a better job of selling their moves, even the botched ones, than a good many paid pros.


  1. JPWA, that's the one with Brad Martin and Hakim, right? If I remember right, they were shut down over some scandal involving a priest who produced their videos.


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