Joshua Goodman

What the man does best is squeeze, and what he does best he does better than anybody.  If he were my boyfriend, I would spend 90% of our days looking up close at his ample package.  And I'd have cauliflower ears and constant headaches, but I wouldn't mind a bit.

As I have said elsewhere, Joshua Goodman, 5'10", 180#,  is on my list of the top ten wrestlers of all time at BG East, and very near the top, if not at the very top, of my favorites still making appearances.  He's about the most perfect looking man on the roster, with his strong nose and high cheekbones complementing his Greek god torso and skull-cracker thighs. 

He is arrogant, cruel, unforgiving, dirty, big-mouthed, sneaky, and dangerous.  Yeah, I know ... he's perfect.  And on top of everything the man gets hard when he wrestles and doesn't mind taking a moment now and then to reach down under his waistband to give his tool an emancipating tug.


  1. Third try: Mr. J, is a longstanding favorite who gets better every year. His one big whuppin' was that Gut Bash a couple of years ago when it was his gut that got thoroughly bashed. Elsewhere, he's be a reliable, powerful, and entertaining top heel. Go,, Mr. J.

    1. Third time was the charm, wcurmudgeon. Don't know what happened to your previous tries, but I'm happy you were persistent.


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