Late Breaking Mexx

Those of you who have been around for a while know I have my occasional obsessions and fixations.  They don't usually last too long.  At heart I'm fickle--not one for LTR (longterm rasslin)--I body-slam 'em and leave 'em.

My current infatuation is Austrian wrestler Mexxberg (aka Maximilian Bajlitz).  If you like him too, today's news is good.  If he is not your cup of tea, give me some time and I'll find somebody new to sigh over before long.  Today Mexxberg posted new non-action photos--here are four of them:


  1. You know why I can't get excited? Because long gone are the days he'd show up in the ring in tight trunks to face some brute. Nowadays it's long pants to have a work-out with a buddy in the ring.

  2. He's handsome, yes, but I'll echo Anonymous's reservation about the long pants. As well, Mexxberg is given to too many of those coy, smarmy mouth poses, as in your previous set of posted pictures of him, Joe. Sorry to break your heart,Joe.


  3. How could he not be someones cup of tea?! He's the whole worlds type. Straight men would question their sexuality around him. Lesbians would flip their lid! He's perfect. He is one of those rare people that mixes masculinity and beauty so perfectly that anyone with a heart would stop and look at this man.


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