Magnum Size

Gentlemen, there are basics.  Muscle, attitude, trash talk, fight, domination.  Then there are the secondary traits.  Tight skimpy gear, suffering, nudity, humiliation, sex.  We may mix them and stack them differently, throw in a few curves from time to time, but basically we rely on these ten brass tacks.

Naked Kombat is almost always good, and sometimes it is genius.  I would submit to you, my friends, that its latest match is genius, or damn close to it, touching practically every point of achievement on the eroto-wrestling rubric.

John Magnum, 5'9", 190#, blue, and Phillip Aubrey, 6'0", 175#, red, are the new boys at Naked Kombat, and in an obvious but no less brilliant move, NK pits them against each other.

Magnum is the burly ex-military man, trained in hand-to-hand combat and jujitsu, and Aubrey is the lean long-distance runner, a lithe practitioner of Budokan, a fusion of yoga and martial arts.  They are blond on blond neatly parsed by their starkly contrasted body types.

(Usually, as some of you know, I prefer men closely matched in height and weight as well as skill and competitiveness.  But I do sometimes make exceptions.)

Aubrey starts it up by telling us, "When I win I'm gonna fuck him till my dick hurts and then I'm gonna fuck him again for making it hurt."

Magnum shoots back, "Nobody told me that I was gonna be wrestling a girl today." Ha.

But he gets my juices churning when he follows up, saying, "When I win I'm gonna put his face in the mat and my magnum size cock in that tight little pussy of his and make him cum all over himself."

The guys chuckle a lot as they start to tussle, both genuinely surprised and delighted with how tough (and "fun") the other guy is.  In less than a minute, they're both huffing and shiny with sweat.  Sweet.

Both guys are knockouts, but I have to tell you, just looking at Magnum makes me want to jump him.  Aubrey's right there with me on that one, too.

Blue isn't Bruce-Weber perfect, but his burly toughness is irresistible, and he looks like he's game for anything, and its pretty obvious from the gitgo that Red is dead wrong about his being a "nelly bottom" under that gym-toned cumulus.

It's a close one, to be sure, but Phillip might as well wet that tight little pussy up.  His fate is sealed.


  1. Hell, yes, Joe! I nearly wrote this match up myself today, after being thoroughly entertained with it yesterday. I thought that the chuckling was going to get annoying, but both of these guys taunt and snarl and seem to genuinely being enjoying the battle for domination so much. I was thinking my eyes would be glued to the slabs of beef of Magnum, but Aubrey actually steals the show at several parts for me.


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