Rough and Ready

Where oh where does Thunder's Arena find its hot young wrestlers--and why can't I have some of them?  These pics (used with permission) are from Rough & Ready 14, featuring Cameron Mathews, 5'11", 165# and Rocky Brick, 6'0", 205#, engaged in the rites of initiating newcomer Aries.

Not expressly an erotic wrestling site, Thunder's Arena's focus is on fun.  How "good" or "clean" the fun is depends on your kinks, I guess.  Young muscular wrestlers in skimpy gear roughhouse and cavort.  It's fairly "innocent."  It's more about competitiveness than domination.

My own tastes in wrestling range from horseplay like this all the way to the S&M game playing of Naked Kombat, and beyond to the guilty, darkly erotic pleasure of a real fight club.  Thunder Arena's clean-cut, playful, yet sensuous, approach to wrestling, with its emphasis on rowdy masculine energy and camaraderie, may lean towards the vanilla end of the spectrum ... but you know what?  Vanilla is fucking awesome ... inebriating, sweet, and lickable.

The ability of males to play tough and intense games like this and then bounce back as buddies, as if nobody got hurt, seems to be a strong point of difference between the male mind and the female mind, whether by nature or culture.  Guys can rough it up just for the hell of it, no grudge or pretext required.

Mr Mike, head honcho over at Thunder's, tells me, "I always look at my site as if you had a window into a frat house."  I never was a frat boy, but dorm-room wrestling matches were nightly events in my college years.  I wrestled roommates, friends, and friends of friends.  The hot sweaty action aroused me--though I did my best not to be, with inconsistent success.  (Sometimes, thanks to the illicit magic of Budweiser, a one-on-one event could get steamy, as inhibitions subsided, and even straight guys wrestled hard.)  My usual approach was to focus on the competitive end of things as we stripped to our briefs and rumbled, yet save up the sensations and images in my memory banks as precisely as I could, so I could replay them in my bedtime fantasies.

An introvert then and now, I'm glad I was able to overcome my inhibitions and jump into the fray when I was young enough to do so.  I draw on those old memories even now.  And sites like Thunder's Arena remind me of my youth ... and celebrate the unique pleasures of having a pair of balls.


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