Danny Driscoll

Early in March, photographer Rob Brazier captured these incredibly hot images of newcomer Danny Driscoll, 25, 6'4", 235#, whomping Ringo Ryan, 20, 5'10", 210#, in a match in Colchester.  But since then I can't find anything in word or image on the studly Driscoll, though he's still listed on the roster at All Star Wrestling (Birkenhead, UK).

Do any of you guys have more information on the man?  UK visitors, I'm talking to you now.


  1. I was liked to this post from the latest KK post. I was curious, so I did a YouTube search. In Sept. 2012 he was in a 6-man tag match in the UK.

  2. This guy must have a regular non-wrestling job. According to a couple of databases, he's only had a total of 26 matches sine 2007. In 2010-12 he's only had 3 matches. I like his look., wished he does more.


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