I just got back from a vacation, spent mostly in a small village in the Languedoc-Roussillon region in southern France, with side trips to Mediterranean beaches and a couple of nights in Barcelona, Spain.

I housed in Olonzac, population around 1600, but still the local newsstand-tobacconist carried over a dozen titles of pro-wrestling magazines, including the glossy Planète Catch (pictured), more than I've ever seen where I live, in the city of Durham, North Carolina, which has 164 times Olonzac's population. 

I had hoped to find material on European stars like Mexxberg or Johnny B-Wire, but sadly there was nothing, just stuff on the usual US franchises, mainly WWE.

At first I was stoked to find the UK's Wrestling Channel on the list of stations available via Sky TV, only to be disappointed to learn that it was one of the channels not included on my hosts' subscription.

Not one of my travel companions jumped when I told them that a European wrestling organization was staging a show in nearby Béziers while we were there.  Truthfully, I did not expect them to be, and having no independent means of transportation I did not set out to attend the show solo.

So, with my wrestling lifeline temporarily stalled and access to the Internet severely curtailed, I had time to think about (as I so often do anyway) my interest in the eroticism of wrestling.

One of my companions on this trip asked me point blank how my interest in wrestling relates to my interest in fucking.

I like both, but I had to admit I like wrestling a bit more than fucking and like fucking mainly when it is tied to some kind of competition and aggressive play.

Don't get me wrong.  As much as the next gay guy, I like boning pretty boys, but my principal taste is in men with a bit of brutishness in their jawlines and foreheads like battering rams.

Give me a man I can pit myself against, then, when I am all riled, toss me a cute fresh-faced boy to push my tool into.

And if all I can do is watch, give me two well-matched bodies in a passionate contest.  It doesn't matter who--two twinks, two bears, two chubbies, two bodybuilders, two women even, so long as they are approximately equal in size, skill, experience, and will power and have the drive to fight.  Gives me a bigger boner than a foot-high stack of Men and Unzipped magazines.

My friends look at me like I'm from Mars.  I guess I am, Mars being the Roman god of war and all--and I was born under the sign of Aries to boot.

They are in healthy, respectable model-gay relationships.  I know this world wasn't made for me and my kinks.  I'm an odd fit, and I'll admit it.  But, hey, here I am--I've got to deal with the real world and it's got to deal with me.

Anyway, I'm back from vacation now, jet-lagged as hell, but ready to roll.  So tell me, what's hot in wrestling that I've been missing this last month?


  1. Welcome back, Joe. I hope you're ready to post more of your insightful musings on wrestling and its erotic aspects. Like you, I grew up equating wrestling with sex and till this day, I can only get aroused if there's an element (or at least a fantasy) of wrestling involved. So yeah, I am an "odd fit," too. But here's to the "odd fits" of the world! We make life so much less vanilla.

  2. Whats new you ask,..... joe, i don't know if travelling to France has made you soft in the head, or the jet lag has got you off your game, but 3 days ago Rock Hard Wrestling posted a fight with Ethan Andrews formerly known as Axel from UCW. Though not as news worthy as those capitalists from BP finally deciding they had drained the earth of enough natural resources and choosing to stop the leak once and for all, in the erotic wrestling world this is big news. As impressed as we all might be with the talent of the UCW locker room, the opportunity to view Axel aka Ethan in HD is truly news worthy in the wrestling domain of which you are one of its most reliable purveyors.

    OK so given the need to decompress from all that French nonsense, i can forgive you, but Bard on the other hand will need to be held accountable for this omission and if it wasn't for the fact that the download has just finished i would jet over to his blog and let him know of my disappointment.


  3. So I noticed, Topher, and my order is already in, via Paypal. Along with Rusty Stevens (a favorite of both mine and the Bard) now wrestling over at BG East (also on order--good thing I did not spend a-l-l my money in France), young Ethan Andrews' hi-def debut versus hunky Tyler Reeves seems to suggest that I can't leave the country for three weeks without missing some awfully tantalizing shit. So has anybody seen these fights? Will I be getting my money's worth?


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