Mexx Shows Some Thigh

Here are two of my favorite European wrestlers, both from Austria--Mexxberg (Maximilian Bajlitz, 24, 6'3", 223#) and D-Animal (Danijel Okic, 20, 6'0", 215#)--going at it in a recent match.

As you can see, Mexx has shed those baggy britches nobody liked and squeezed his butt into some tight red and white squarecuts.

I was 100% with you guys who complained about his reluctance to show us his kneecaps, so let's hope his victory here inspires him to give us even more skin in the future.

As for the complaint about his "smarmy mouth poses" (and now I am talking to you, MAwrestler!), I have to admit that, while seeing your point, I have always been a fan of the I'm-about-to-suck-on-something jut of the lower lip and only regret never having perfected it for myself, even after years of staring at my face in the mirror.

And for anybody who has a problem with that, even the tiniest little problem, I have just spent three long weeks tiresomely pretending to be at least halfway-civilized in France and am itching to throw a little aggro on somebody, so, for anybody who wants some of this, stepping outside or into the basement and settling this like men sounds just fine by me.


  1. I agree with everything you said. Mexx is one of the most amazing, stunning looking men I have ever seen. I think if I were ever to happen to see him in person, I would have a heart attack!


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