Nick Teeth

NIN-infused glam-heel Nick Teeth, 21, 5'10", 180#,  wrestles in Canada for Ultimate Championship Wrestling and Innovative Hybrid Wrestling.  In his fresher, less mascaraed teen years, he went by the name Sidewinder.

I had been vaguely aware of his Sidewinder persona for perhaps a year or so.  On Sunday, John Savage at Rants Roids N Rasslin spotlighted Teeth's plutonium-hot match against IHW champ XXL, thus introducing me to the Nick Teeth gimmick, which the young wrestler inaugurated a little over a year ago. 

You need to watch the whole 16-minute Teeth-v-XXL match.  I did the following screen caps just to, um, study the lighting a little more closely. 

(***Spoiler***  Teeth gets his vampire ass well kicked.)


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