Angle #10: More Than You Can Chew

Ordinarily, against the grain, I am not a fan of squash jobs.  There are exceptions, and this scenario is one of them.  To my tastes, the squash job is satisfying and entertaining only if the jobber is just asking for it.  I suppose the "asking for it" can be implicit--i.e. he's too cute--but I generally prefer it to be explicit--i.e. the guy's making a pest of himself and really he's just begging to get knocked down a peg or two.  And in the present scenario he's a wrestler who overestimates his combat skills and bites off more than he can chew.  (These screen caps come from the very very worthwhile YouTube channel of jellybeans178.  I am unable to identify the wrestlers.)

In the More Than You Can Chew angle, a wrestler guns for a wrestler of superior size, power, and/or skill by making a pest of himself.  The better wrestler should be the strong, silent type.  He's got a long fuse, but once the lesser wrestler manages to bang that last nerve, all hell breaks loose.  One possibility is that the pushy wrestler actually thinks he's got the stuff to take the better man, and he's just doing what he can to get a shot at him.  More likely, if only subconsciously, the wrestler is looking to get his ass kicked.  This is me at age nine bouncing on my studly college-age cousin's bed to wake him up, knowing full well that the way this story would play out is that I was going to catch hell--and not from the parents, because my cousin would never snitch, knowing ways to teach a pesky brat a lesson he'd never forget.  In life this story is tinged with masochism.  In the pro ring, it's a great crowd pleaser.  Everybody likes seeing the incompetent blowhard get dusted.


  1. Is it hot in here or is it just those fantastic 50s/60s photos in black-and-white that are making me sweat?


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