Angle #6: Mine!

In this story, which plays in the background of a lot of my wrestling fantasies,  Wrestler A keeps interfering in Wrestler B's matches on the pretext that A and only A has the right to take B down.  Call it a love story, if you like.  Love-hate.  Wrestler A wants nobody to touch his man but him.  He's the only one who has the right to beat the living shit out of Wrestler B--and he's going to fight and beat anyone who stands between him and his prey.  Of course, this scenario implies that there's an established grudge between A and B--what that might be should remain, I think, rather uncertain, some dark, never defined event from the two wrestlers' past.  This lets the fans fill in the blank however they like, and I think you can probably guess that it's a blank I personally would fill with something having to do with a late-night indiscretion when the two of them were too tipsy for words, about which neither one claims to have any recollection.


  1. Definitely another very hot angle. The possessiveness implied can't help but have an erotic text/subtext. The pent up frustration that builds over time as the story unfolds is also immediately translated (at least in my mind) into sexual tension. "You've had this coming to you for a long time!"


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