Angle #7: The Creature Turns


Remember the scene at the end of all the old Frankenstein movies, when the monster turns on its creator (or, in the most memorable scene, the mad Dr Praetorius) and destroys him?  Or the scene in Blade Runner, when Roy Batty crushes Dr Tyrell's head with his bare hands?  Well, in wrestling terms, the storyline goes something like this.  An effete manager or washed-up ex-champ takes a promising but rough-around-the-edges newcomer and turns him into a contender, perhaps even a champ.  All the while, the mentor does all the talking, grabs all the accolades for himself, constantly reminds the wrestler how much the kid owes him, and never hesitates to berate the young man whenever the outcome of a match is anything short of the boss's expectations.  Despite shitloads of ability and spunk in the ring, the wrestler lacks the self-confidence to tell this dick to go fuck himself.  His hotshot manager makes it impossible for the crowd to root for him, even though they may like to.  Then something happens.  I don't know what.  Maybe the manager tells him he can't do a fight that he's been aching for.  Maybe the manager takes something away from him that he loves.  Still the wrestler doesn't say a word, but clearly he is smoldering inside.  Then there's the quintessential Big Event.  The wrestler wins ... big time!  But when the manager rushes to the ring, the kid turns icily towards him, jabs his finger to his exploiter's forehead, and commences to take him apart right then and there ... to the delirious cheers of the fans.  This is one of the great moments in professional wrestling, often repeated ... and it kills every time.


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