Another Goddamned Marvelous Time I Had No Part In Whatsoever

Grapple101 is my favorite event at my favorite gay club I've never been to.  Sure, I get the Facebook invites, regular as clockwork.  I would go, but it doesn't help that the event and the club are in frigging London, 3900 miles away.  The wrestlers wrestle while disco lights flash, writhe, and pulsate on and around them, and jaded seen-it-all patrons natter on about Christ knows what inanities, oblivious to the miracle that plays out right there in front of them every Wednesday night.  (Hey, homos, there are starving pervs in North Carolina, USA, that would be happy to see all that lovely beefcake you have left on your plates!)   Here porn star Ashley Ryder has a go at masked mystery man Essex Boy.  This was last night while, as I recall, I was watching some episodes of Glee on DVD with friends at home.  Sigh.


  1. They need to go on tour. First stop, North Carolina. Then, Manila.


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