Boy Girl Boy Girl

Mixed gender wrestling puts my kink to the test, but I'm happy to say that my kink is gaining the upper hand.  For decades, the idea of a man and a woman wrestling each other just did not sit well with me.  A woman kicking shit out of another woman didn't faze me, though.  In fact, I found it (and still do find it) weirdly erotic ("weirdly" because I'm a homo).  Perhaps it was a generational and cultural thing, since I was brought up in churches and on military bases to play the gentleman.  Close contact with feminists in grad school and with lesbians afterwards alerted me to some of the inequities inherent in the old chivalric code, quaint and lovely as it was.  Movies like Kill Bill numbed me to the shock value of the mixed fight, so that now I'm a tad more comfortable with it.  My resistance wears down when we're talking a tag match--he and she against him and her--and it drops to almost zero when the males on both sides are hot.  On August 7th Nicole Matthews, 5'8", 136#, and Artemis Spencer, 6'0", 175#, beat the team of KC Spinelli, 5'4", 156#, and Alex Plexis, 6'1", 166#, in an Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling show in Vancouver.  In my imagination, anyway, the women are along just for the ride--the real fight is between Spencer and Plexis.  That's inaccurate, I know, and cheating--but it's where I am now.


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