Boys May Benefit from Aggressive Play

New photos of BG East's Glenn Scott, 42, 6'0", 173#,  on Facebook are steaming up laptops everywhere (get it?  lap tops? heh-heh huh-huh) ever since Glenn posted the shots on Saturday.  So many comments express the desire (no, need) to own a piece of this guy that the commenters are beginning to call out each other.  And the pictures aren't even nude.

I'm thinking BG East needs to get Glenn back on the mats and up against the likes of Damon Clark, 6'1", 185#, or Jarret Cole, 5'11", 180#, for some "big boy action," and if it all leads to somebody getting his nasty pig ass fucked in the process, I wouldn't say a word in protest, so long as everybody knows just what's up for grabs.

And, in related news, a new report from the good people at MSNBC tells us what we all already know.


  1. Isn't Miss Glenn an employee of BGEast?


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