The First Rule ...

It was 14 years ago today that Chuck Palahniuk's explosive novel Fight Club was first published.  I bought it hot off the shelves at Books-A-Million in Savannah and devoured the whole thing in a single (overnight) sitting.  It's too bad that does not mention this anniversary in its otherwise stellar August 9th piece "10 Great Moments in Action Movie Homoeroticism" by Jon Blistein (and I quote, "where sweat-kissed muscle-men fight to the death").  Blistein covers scenes from Commando, Top Gun (of course), Lethal Weapon (yes! I nearly creamed in my chinos right there in the theater when Mel Gibson ripped his shirt off to fight Gary Busey), Predator, Over the Top, Rambo III, Cyborg, Navy Seals, Hard to Kill, and Showdown in Little Tokyo, with nary a mention of Palahniuk's kink classic or the 1999 film based on it.

Chucky, boy, you changed everything!


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