"Hotshot" Danny Duggan, 23, 5'11", 212#,  wrestled and whupped "Pimp Daddy" Rick Matthews yesterday afternoon in an open-air match staged by Canadian Wrestling's Elite at the Cruz in Downtown festival in Winnipeg.  (All photos property of Jordan Nepon.)


  1. Is it me or has Duggan become huge? I like.

  2. Joe:

    You made my Sunday. What a heck of a lot of work he went through for a 60 minute 4 match free show in Downtown by the Winnipeg Convention Center. The guy who took them did much better than I did on my first attempt to take photos. I'd wager that with the ROH show in Toronto in November upcoming, that he will be on WWE with in two years. Good for him, not so good for us. Comptroller.

  3. Danny Duggan aka Caleb Brand.


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