¡La Venganza de Sydistiko y las Momias de Guanajuato!

MTV2 is selling lucha libre.  In early June, its new wrestling show Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors premiered ... on Fridays at 10 PM.  Four years ago, I was a huge fan of MTV's Wrestling Society X, largely because it offered a fresh and exciting new take on pro wrestling.  I hope the new show is as good, but much more popular with viewers--WSX did not even last through its first season, though it claimed an energetic fan base.   (The DVD box set is well worth a look-see, by the way.)  The Masked Warriors roster features some familiar faces with revamped gimmicks and monikers--"Marco Corleone" is Mark Jindrak, "RJ Brewer" is John Walters, and, most tantalizing for me, the masked "Sydistiko" is TJ Perkins.  Tell me what you think of the show, you cable viewers and satellite disk owners.  I no longer have cable--I hate my local provider, but this new development just might tempt me to kiss and make up.  But more than anything I hope, as my tongue-in-cheek title suggests, that MTV Films goes the distance and trumps WWE Studios by reviving the old lucha film genre--in 3-D, directed by Guillermo del Toro, with a soundtrack by Manu Chao.  ¡Estupendo!


  1. Is Alex Koslov included? Because if he is...well... ;-)

  2. Joe,

    I would label you a wrestling savant, but that implies that your knowledge lies in this single field of study and I am sure you are brilliant at many things, but how in Christ’s sake did you figure out Sydistiko is TJ Perkins from what they have posted on the web???

    Now, like you. I also a have a particular affection for TJ, possessing tape of him since he was a teenage Puma, last making a mess all over myself watching him on a recent Westside WXW DVD release, thank you by the way for the recommendation, versus another fave, the Emoesque Zack Sabre Jr. So to say that I have observed TJ closely in his many incarnations is about as truthful as I get nowadays, but I never would have made the connection.

    Here’s hoping that the anonymity performing behind a mask offers will free TJ and allow him to trade the slightly tight, but not tight enough, pants for a Speedo, they can make them the color of the Mexican flag after all.

    I have already Tivo’d the show. If its any good, translated as I got off and didn’t even have to use lube, I will let you know, but just in case you might want to start locating a spot on the roof for the satellite dish. Take some solace in the fact that satellite providers hate the cable companies just as much as you do.


  3. Thank you, Topher, but in reality I am amazingly dense at recognizing wrestlers. Even without a mask, a change in name, gimmick, or haircut can make one of my favorites virtually unrecognizable to me. How did I recognize TJ as Sydistiko? Well, his MySpace page gives it away, as does the Wikipedia entry on "TJ Perkins" at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T.J._Perkins. No savantry here. Sorry.

  4. I'm like you, Joe, finding it hard to recognize a wrestler after the slightest change. I'm worse with cars. They all look alike to me: they both got wheels right? Only the colors are recognizable differences to me. In both cases I just like to ride 'em.



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