Nasty Little Shit

Not for the first time (and probably not for the last) I am passing off some screen caps as "art."  If there is artistry in the screen cap, it's all in the editing, the selection of the particular frames that capture a tone or mood.  "Dirty white boy" was the effect I was aiming for here.  The videos portray the younger, stringy-haired years (not long ago) of wrestler Chris Stone, from whose YouTube channel (chrisstonempw) I stole these shots.  Stone is a heel one message board dubbed "a nasty little shit."  I am drawn to nasty little shits, especially the fair and comely ones.  Maybe it's just that I am overwhelmed by the possibilities for corporal punishment (all in the interests of setting the lad on a righteous path, of course, it goes without saying).  In June, I promised Chris to try to minimize the creepiness of my being (at age 57) his "fan."  He assured me that "a bit of creepy is fine... just one or two [fans] in the past have been a little bizzaro, even for my taste!"  I can only imagine the sick kinky deviants a sweet and tender hooligan like him must be plagued with!


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