"Pop" Culture

Over the next three months, Beyond Wrestling will go all Radiohead and donate its latest release "Pop" Culture to the Internet at large, a total of eleven complete matches, via its Facebook page and YouTube channel.  Absolutely free!

Beyond Wrestling has been a friend to this blog, and this blog has supported the new fed's first two DVD offerings:  Of Bosses and Busters and We Did It for the Hits.

Right now, the available matches are

Team Beyond Wrestling (Chase Burnett & Zane Silver) vs. Jollyville Fuck-Its (Russ Myers & T-Money)

Corvis Fear vs. Jonny Mangue vs. Anthony Stone vs. Darius Carter

 Johnny Cockstrong vs. Jonah vs. TJ Marconi vs. Nick Talent


  1. I really want to see Chris Dickinson get anally raped by his hero Davey Richards, or at least clobbered in a match or two. Seriously, having been at their shows in person I have to say "Beyond" is hands down the most innovative fed going today, no bullshit, cool in the right way, where the D.I.Y of Indy Wrestling becomes W.T.F.!!!!!

  2. Dickinson's hero isn't Davey Richards SFB, it's Low Ki!

    Just kidding Dick!

  3. Whoa, who knew Justin Bieber was pinching a loaf commenting, Low Ki, no way.


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