Pre Show

Aden Chambers, 26, 6'0", 190#, went up against Wagner Brown, 30, 6'2", 215#, (in heel mode) in an ROH preshow in Philadelphia, 17 July 2010.  He pretty much got his ass kicked, but he looked good.  He's sometimes billed as hailing from California, but--and I can't put my finger on it--if there is a typical "North Carolina" look, Chambers has it.

In the same show, Adam Cole, 21, 5'11", 182#, had his way with Mike Bennett, 21, 219#.  As I have pointed out elsewhere, Cole looks typically "Florida" to me.

So far not a bad show, considering the cameras aren't officially rolling yet.

(Photo Credits: Scott Finkelstein)


  1. Aden Chambers looks amazing in his blue trunks. Love boy next door type wrestlers


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