The Rising

Photographer Scott Finkelstein captured last Saturday's matches at the Pro Wrestling Live show in Long Branch, New Jersey.  Great looking wrestlers in sweaty outdoor action is my idea of good old-fashioned summertime fun.  I won't recap every match, but, for the ones pictured up here, Vin Gerard, 5'10", 164#,  beat Corey Hollis, 5'7", 187#, in the opener.  Then, billed as a Georgia-vs-Ohio showdown, Kyle Matthews, 5'8", 170#, and Johnny Gargano, 5'10", 205#, fought to a draw.  Kyle has adopted a sort of Grizzly Redwood beard now, fine, except I'd like to see a little of that hair sprouting on his pecs as well.  Cameron Skyy, 6'1", pitched in (with his partner Austin Mannix) to win a tag contest (against Wrecking Ball and Tommy Treznik).  And, in the main event, Brian Cage, 6'1", 240#, pinned Kenny Doane, 6'1", 230#, ass flat to the mat.  Just bring me the barbecue, slaw, pickles, and beer, fellas--it's the weekend again!


  1. Here's my paper-doll treatment of Kyle Matthews: 1) Ditch the long tights and go back to the silvery briefs, 2) Close-crop the beard (but keep it), 3) Let the hair out, long, long, long. Those are mere recommendations, however. He's quite fine as is.


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