Ungt Blod

In Norway, they will soon see a sunset again, after two months of the sun's just tapping the horizon and then climbing back up in the sky.  If the Norwegian Wrestling Federation (Norges Wrestling Forbund) is any indication, the long days and long nights of the year have produced a stellar crop of young and hungry wrestlers, who happen to look very GQ too.

Gabriel Antonik, 22, 6'3", 190#, in the pictures above, actually is a model and actor, as well as professional wrestler.  Last year he toured England (his first trip to the UK) with fellow Norwegian Aron Frost (check out Aron at the end of this post).  Gabriel is one half of a successful tag team called the Supernaturals (Overnatulige).

Antonik's partner is T-Jay (Terje Jacobsen), 22, 5'10", 154#, pictured above.  Here he is again in a photo for a magazine article about the Supernaturals, in which Antonik delivers an elbow drop on him.

Aron Frost, 20, 6'3#, 198#, pictured below, is the Nordic young blood who piqued my interest in Norwegian wrestlers. He fights in the UK too.  In 2008, he captured the Under-23 title in the World Association of Wrestling, vacating it earlier this year.  He still holds the WAW European title.

Here's Frost in a match against Gabriel Antonik.  These two 6'3" guys are Norwegian giants in collision.  Exactly the way I like it.


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