58 (Review)

I'm well used to seeing Lucien get worked over by Krush.  The sinewy tattooed Viking shows incredible resilience every time the big bald boss-man grinds him down to a sweating, quivering stain on the Krushco mats.  And while Lucien can take care of himself against Krush, and sometimes squirms his way to the top to dish out some serious payback, it's nice too to see him here in this match against Kyle Braun, an opponent a bit closer to him in height and weight.  Krush, ever the puppet master (sick fuck that we love), calls most of the shots from behind the camera, thinking up ever more lethal ways for these two to make each other turn blue in the face.

This fight is damn near perfect, largely because Kyle and Lucien seem really to relish the struggle and the agony.  At one point, Lucien ties Kyle up in a killing submission hold, stretching and cranking the tendons of the man's shoulders, and he asks the usual taunting question, "You liking this?"  Kyle doesn't miss a beat: "Yeah, I fucking love it."  Later, when the tables are turned, Kyle takes a few cues from Krush and explores the joys of fighting dirty.  He lays plenty of pain on top of Lucien, and the handsome blond just soaks it in.  When Lucien finally escapes, Kyle finds out that Lucien knows his way round a dirty fight all too well.

I have never really cared whether these fights have a strong finish or not.  The intense, sweaty combat is an end to itself for me.  The action here is about as balanced as can be, with both men showing tremendous will to dominate and hurt and equal capacity to bear the worst that the other has to offer.  But I will say that this fight has a highly satisfying close, as one man very nearly knocks the other man out cold.  Sweet.  I highly recommend Underground Wrestling 58 to anybody who enjoys nonstop grunt 'n' groan grappling between two good-looking young opponents willing to bump it up a notch to an all-out fight to the finish.  This is a classic battle I can see myself coming back to again and again in the coming weeks.


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