Battle of Giants

Can't beat a fight between two masters of combat who also happen to be gods in peak condition, capable of dominating the ring alone, but like hydrogen bombs when pitted against their equals.  In these shots master wrestling photographer Scott Finkelstein captures last Saturday's ROH standoff between Eddie Edwards, 6'0", 214#, and Shawn Daivari, 5'10", 223#.  Edwards seems a little too straight-edge to interest me--the kind of guy who would order milk in a bar and fuck only in positions approved by the Church of Latter-Day Saints--but in the ring, solo or as one half of the American Wolves--Edwards is everything I like in a man--big, intelligent, arrogant, with a cruel streak a mile long--making the clean-cut straight-edge look suddenly potent and hot.  Edwards knocked Daivari down a few pegs in the manliness contest, and in the end Daivari had to concede that Edwards is where it's at, man-wise.


  1. Maybe so, Joe, but I'll still take Daivari in blue. Smokin hot.



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