BG East wants all my money.  Evidently.  Catalog 84, by all indications, looks like it's going to have more than one classic in it.  More must-haves.  I'm salivating already.  Right now my curiosity and imagination are piqued by new pics of the soon-to-be-released Fan Fantasy 1, in which babyface CJ Parker, 5'8", 160#, apparently gets to live out his fantasy of dominating Aryx Quinn, 5'9", 170#.  Only when he is face to face with flesh-and-blood reality, fantasy turns out not to be so easy and manageable.  But these pics suggest that fantasies can sometimes be even hotter when they get out of control.


  1. Hot! This series is a winner.

  2. Hey Does Anyone Know CJ Parker's Real Name??
    He Wrestles for BG East, Please Email me at,

  3. Hey Does Any one Know Where I can Contact CJ parker Who Wrestles For BG East Wrestling????
    Plus Do U Know His Real Name??? Tried Contacting him at BG East With no Answer!!! Please Email me at


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