BG East broke into new marketing territory this summer by releasing several matches as both individual DVDs and parts of compilation DVDs.  The new flexible packaging allows us consumers to save money in one of two ways:  paying more to get several matches at once while paying less for each match, or buying just a single match and paying less to get just the one thing you want.

BGE also introduced a few fresh bulges faces, including this apple-cheeked manchild, named D Fuller.  Now Fuller is exactly the sort of big and bouncy wrestler I've been keeping an eye out for these last several weeks, so his upcoming appearance in Big'n'Beefy 6, against veteran Bulldog Barzini, is something of an answer to prayer.  I'm happy to see somebody still makes Georgia ploughboys, whether in Georgia or someplace else, I don't care.  You don't see healthy boys like this too much anymore, and this one is worth his weight in gold.  Those corn-fed biceps and thighs scratch an itch that's been nagging me for a long time.


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