Good and Evil

A big thank you to my friend Comptroller for keeping me up to date on the latest Danny Duggan news and for scooting me over to Wrestling Fan Xperience for more on Duggan's struggle against the vampire-inspired Brotherhood of Darkness (Kevin Thorn, Gangrel and APOC).  In several of these shots, DD, in his righteous lily-white briefs, struggles against the forces of not-very-niceness.  So far, fate has mostly favored darkness over light at WFX, though Danny did get a decisive fall on the blood-spewing Gangrel back in July.  Still, as a huge fan of Danny's own dark side, I would like to see the beefy, poker-faced blond be the one who smears this trio's vamp juice across the mat and plugs the final nail to their coffin sometime between now and Halloween.


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