Jason Jones

 Jason Jones prepares to slam Mark Sterling, 17 July 2010  (Photo: Mike Van Hoogstraat)

Jason Jones, 5'11", 217#, calls Charlotte, North Carolina, his home, but now wrestles in the Midwest with Harley Race's World League Wrestling.  Trained by such Southern wrestling legends as Bobby Eaton, Ricky Morton, George South, Handsome Jimmy Valiant, and the Masked Superstar, Jones entered the pro ranks in George South's EWA Wrestling in 2004, winning the heavyweight championship there the following year and holding on to it for three months.

My friends and frequent visitors to this blog may detect certain physical qualities in Jason Jones that were perhaps destined to catch my eye.  He has a rugged angular face that inspires trust and (in me) lust, without possessing the glamor of a pretty boy.  Strong broad shoulders, brawny arms, and thick calves are pluses--but so is the fact that his musculature lacks the intricate and ornate striation of the frenzied gym bunny.  A hint of incipient male pattern baldness assures me that the man's testosterone levels are not too low.

Jones has wrestled dark matches for WWE, and this past spring he was in Japan wrestling with Pro Wrestling NOAH.  Here he is in matches (via JivanFernandez on YouTube) against Masao Inoue, Atsushi Aoki, and Kentaro Shiga from April and May.


  1. This dude has a great look and i bet by the look of his pecs that he can sell a nice long pec claw better then most. Love to see him struggle on his back getting his pecs demolished.

  2. http://hotjocks.weebly.com/jason-jones.html


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