Knots of Bone and Muscle

This is what gets me: good wrestlers' ability to tie themselves securely and almost inextricably together, locate pressure points to squeeze and twist to wear their opponent down, and, in the process, achieve a level of physical intimacy tantamount to fucking.  The elasticity, science, and skill level involved are the parts missed in most attempts at homoerotic wrestling.  And the intimacy is what scares straight people about wrestling and keeps so many pro wrestlers from engaging in a lot of action on the mat, preferring instead to leap off turnbuckles and smash each other with their forearms.  The growing popularity of mat grappling in MMA should be seen as a signal of hope that the public may not be as squeamish about the intensity and close-knit contact of wrestling as is commonly believed.  (Of course, blood--the other body fluid--is a mitigating factor in most straight guys' appreciation of MMA, as is the assurance that the physicality is not choreographed or fake.)

All shots lifted from THE PIT on YouTube.


  1. Dear Ringside guy,

    Call me old fashioned, but the piledriver is THE definitive ending for a proper rasslin' bout.

    Martha Stewart


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