Knuckle Sandwich

No responsible adult would encourage young men not professionally trained in self-defense to engage in amateur boxing in the middle of the night and, worse, video the contest by the light of what appears to be either an open window or headlights (to Goyaesque effect).  Were such an adult to have a blog, even one devoted to the kinky thrill of fighting or watching others fight, he would not even indirectly condone such behavior by paying it any attention.  But then nobody thinks of me as a responsible adult, especially not my close friends, who either egg me on in my caprices or feel compelled from time to time to voice their distaste for my unwholesome tastes.  Fight on, little brothers, bloody your noses, get some bruises, find out who is toughest, be merciless, make that kid your bitch, give him something to think twice about the next time he looks you straight in the eye.  (YouTube video of KillingTheSystem)


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